Alien Roots Model Pack

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Alien Roots - 70 FBX Models + (2) 4K PBR Materials

  • Vast Selection: With 70 unique .FBX models, your creative options are endless.
  • Highly Detailed: Every model has been carefully designed to capture the quirkiest details of extraterrestrial flora. From the twists and turns of ancient roots to the unpredictable patterns unseen on Earth, the textures will leave you in awe.
  • Kitbash Ready: Mix, match, and meld. The models are perfect for kitbashing, allowing you to create various odd landscapes, mysterious forests, or alien terrains..
    The Alien Roots Model Pack is not just a set of 3D models. It’s an invitation to explore the frontiers of your imagination, think outside our planet's confines, and craft scenes out of this world.Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting, these roots will add a touch of the uncanny and the marvelous to your projects.
    Sets 1-4: Clean Quad Mesh
    Sets 5-7: High Density Mesh
    (2) 4k PBR Materials perfect for blending.

View Close Ups & Mesh Here via C4DCenter

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Last updated Mar 9, 2024

70 .FBX Models + (2) 4K PBR Materials

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Alien Roots Model Pack

0 ratings
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