Redshift Style 2024 - C4D Procedural Materials

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Redshift Style 2024

  • Fully Procedural Redshift Materials. This pack includes 25 unique materials that you can easily drag-n-drop into your redshift scenes. A variety of stylized materials will be sure to turn your renders into eye-catchers!

Elevate your 3D art with the Redshift Style 2024 collection, a premium selection of 25 vibrant, 100% procedural materials designed for Cinema 4D and Redshift. 

This palette of creativity is your ticket to a world where style meets substance, with each material meticulously crafted to add a pop of color and a dash of flair to your renders. From the sleek sheen of metallics to the rich unique textures, every material is a testament to the power of procedural generation, ensuring that no two designs are ever the same. 

Perfect for artists and designers looking to infuse their work with modern, stylized elements that stand out. Get your hands on the Redshift Style 2024 collection now and watch your 3D scenes come to life with unprecedented style!


  • 25 Redshift Materials
  • .C4D

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Last updated Mar 9, 2024

25 Procedural Redshift Materials for Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D + Redshift
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Redshift Style 2024 - C4D Procedural Materials

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